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Psychosexual Therapy/Sex Therapy

Sexuality is at the core of us, it involves body, mind and emotions and can be a difficult subject. Psychosexual therapy, also known as sex therapy, is a talking therapy that focuses on addressing the psychological/emotional causes of sexual problems. Much like a relationship therapist, a sex therapist offers counselling with the aim of exploring and understanding the cause of a problem, and offers tools and strategies to help in overcoming the difficulty.

​I offer a confidential, safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore your problem areas and whatever else is arising for you. I strongly believe there's no ‘right and wrong' when it comes to sexuality. No matter how you identify, what you are into, your relationship status or how you approach sex and intimacy.

I also work with people who use sex as way to manage difficult emotions in the way an addict might use alcohol or drugs. Addictive behaviours will usually be followed by a feeling of lack of satisfaction and regret, rather than one of fulfilment. Someone can become addicted to sexual activity, masturbation or viewing pornography. Once the person can admit to themselves that they have a problem it is helpful to discuss the issue

​Consultations do not involve any physical examinations, or any sexual acts, but it does require you to openly talk about sexual feelings and concerns.

Some of the issues I work with include

Sexual difficulties
Understanding or exploring sexuality or interests
Compulsive sexual behaviours (sometimes referred to as sex or porn addiction)
Managing problematic behaviours
Sexual anxiety and building self-confidence
Impact of Menopause/hormonal changes on intimacy

A sex therapist can provide a safe therapeutic space to talk about difficulties impacting you individually or in your relationship. Some of the problems a psychosexual therapist can help with include:

Erectile Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation
Difficulty ejaculation
Vulval/ Vaginal pain
Low desire
Arousal difficulties
Fear of intimacy

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